The Thomson Memorial Trust is a registered local non-profit charity, set up in 2010 to provide assistance to those who have suffered hardship. The support can be financial or otherwise direct or indirect, by reason of the death or permanent/temporary disability of any related person, as a result of a road traffic accident provided that such assistance is of a charitable nature. The Trust also provides bereavement support to families who have experienced loss of young family members.

We the trust, raise money by holding Public events open to anybody who wishes to attend, working on bringing the community of the island together and have had an amazing response from local shops, schools and businesses since being established.

The Trust is a registered local non profit charity that was started by myself when I had the phone call that every one dreads that a member of the family had passed away. This was my nephew who had taken his own life. As you can imagine we were all devastated to say the least. Keinan was a great lad who had years ahead of him but the stress and strains of life even at that age takes a bit of getting used to. However, just 5 months later his brother died in a road accident and this was what started me thinking. The total cost to bury the boys came to over £6000.  All my sister and brother-in-law wanted to do was come to terms what had happened to their family and the funeral service was sending the bills in to be paid a.s.a.p. That’s when I said to myself this is not right, surely this is a time to grieve and not worry about what bills are coming in. So the trust was formed. I approached Nick Hannah at Marlborough trust who helped me set up the legal side of things and as I’ve been a part time entertainer for more than 30 years set about raising the money that I needed, along with the help of islanders we paid for the 2 lads to get buried in the right manner of which they deserved. Since then we have registered the charity and plan to carry on the good work we have started. We have already helped another family paying half of the costs to a lad who lost his life in a road accident earlier this year. If there is any way you feel you can help our charity it would be much appreciated. We aim to put on events to raise money and bring the community together.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
John Inder (founder) The Thomson Memorial Trust.